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Confit Consulting comprises of a team of seasoned professional chefs and hospitality experts, who collectively have over 20 years in the industry and are equally passionate about excellent food, service, hospitality, tourism and unforgettable experiences.


As we all know though, service delivery is only one side of the coin and a successful business needs more than the right equipment and staff. That’s where the Confit team can help you and your team create the magic that will ensure your guests keep coming back again and again.


We work with our clients to curate a guest experience that is tailored to your individual business objectives and more. We assist in custom-building your business with a detailed and easily-understandable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), training programmes and backup manuals, as well as all the other do’s and don’ts that can only be learned from being in this gruelling, yet rewarding industry.   


The value of our service offering lies in having access to experts from the Hospitality Industry with in-depth experience in all areas of the Hotel Operation – including interior design, kitchen setups, staff training, frontline service excellence and more.