Impala loin carpaccio with grilled enoki mushrooms, macadamia nut pesto, mushroom sherry ketchup and fire charred summer greens.

Crab with spanspek, basil miso vinaigrette

and toasted pine nuts.

Butter bean paprika puree with roasted heirloom tomatoes, sesame and apple melba, sweet potato crisps and Zat’ar.


Confit of duck glazed with Vincotto, crispy potato cake, red sorrel, beetroot and pomegranate.

Beef rillette with puff pastry, pearl onions, sweetened carrots, Cognac bone marrow jus and a spekboom watercress salsa verde.

Free-range Lohman chicken with smoked potatoes, fresh peas and summer truffle.


Individual jasmine, white chocolate, rose and peony flavoured croquembouche.  

Callebaut white chocolate brownies.

Individual cardamom and white chocolate cake with pomegranate molasses icing. 

5-nut apple crumbles with Madagascan vanilla cream.